Learn How To Improve Your Brain Performance

It’s a sad truth that most people go through life just moving from one day to the next. Most people only use a tiny sliver of the true potential of their brains. That leaves them unable to do problem-solving as quickly as others, nor do they speak as intelligently as they could. They’re also missing out on a lot of productivity, and perhaps even exercise and sports.

This underuse of possible mental performance is a result of multiple factors. Lifestyles play a big role in all of this, as do nutritional deficiencies to some degree. In many cases, it’s just a lack of use. One easy way to fight for better mental performance is by chewing gum, which can improve the flow of blood to your brain and enhance your memory. However, there are many other ways to have a positive impact on your mental performance. Keep reading to learn what they are.

Getting enough vitamin D is certainly one way to go about things. It does wonderful things for the human body, like engendering stronger bone health and improving hormone levels. Still, it has mental benefits too. Vitamin D protects neurons and regulates enzymes in both the brain and cerebrospinal fluid that are associated with nerve growth and neurotransmitter synthesis. Research has even indicated that those whose vitamin D levels are lower process information more slowly than others, particularly in seniors.

A second thing you can do to boost your mental performance is just to have a good cup of coffee. One normal cup of some black coffee usually has around 100mg of caffeine, and that’s an amount that’s been scientifically proven to improve the memory recall of the person drinking it. Caffeine has psychostimulatory effects because it blocks a central nervous system receptor that binds adenosine. When adenosine is inhibited, you can more glutamate and dopamine activity. These are two compounds that stimulate the brain and increase your alertness level. However, don’t go nuts with the caffeine. Higher doses can restrict blood flow to the brain. You can also build up a high tolerance to it over time.

Fish oils are something else to look into. The electrical signals that are used in the brain for thought, processing, and memory are things that move around the brain. They move from one neuron to the next through synapses, and the walls that the signals must move through are made of cell membranes which are roughly 20 percent essential fatty acids. These are like the omega-3 fatty acids found in fish oil, so the more you have, the less resistance your synapses have to thoughts and signals moving around. Supplements are useful, but you can also eat cold-water species like sardines, anchovies, herring, and mackerel. You might also want to consider balancing all this with more intake of dark fruit and dark leafy greens for the antioxidants.

Music is something to consider, especially considering just how many songs and MP3 files are out there. Most people have smartphones these days, so you don’t even really need a dedicated MP3 player. You don’t even have to buy music if you sign up for a free streaming service or make a YouTube playlist, so long as you have Wi-Fi access or unlimited data. Music makes your physical exercise better if you’re like a lot of others, but it can also help make your mind better. Several studies have shown that music can help out with something called ‘dopaminergic neurotransmission’. Of course, now you’re probably wondering what in the world that is, and it’s just a huge release of dopamine in your brain. That makes you a lot more mentally responsive and it can even make you somewhat smarter. Don’t go nuts with the volume though; you don’t want to help your brain at the expense of your hearing. Fortunately, you can also have some fun doing this too, as playing Guitar Hero, learning an instrument, or just installing a miniature piano app on your smartphone can all count.

Speaking of having productive fun, why not play some puzzle games while you’re at it? Words With Friends can stimulate your brain and competitive fires at the same time.

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